Fence Regulations

A permit is required to install or replace a fence (no permit is required to replace 8 feet of fencing or less). If erecting a fence that is not for a pool barrier requirement, please apply via our eBUILD system for a Zoning / Fence permit. If erecting a fence to meet a pool barrier requirement, this would be a Building Fence, which may also be applied for via our eBUILD system.

The "good side" of a fence must face outward on corner and through lots, and when protecting a pool. In all other instances there is no requirement to face the "good side" out, although it is recommended.

Fences can be placed up to the property line unless there is an easement held by the City or private party. If a fence is proposed to be installed in a City Public Drainage and / or Impoundment Easement, submit an Owner Acknowledgement Form with the fence permit application.

Fences on residential properties can be a maximum of 6 feet tall. Fences placed between a house and any street can not be taller than 4 feet unless a Special Exception for fence height is approved.

The Zoning Administrator can approve the issuance of a Special Exception permit for a fence or wall greater than four feet in height within the secondary front yard of a residential corner lot or through lot under the following conditions:

  1. The height of the fence or wall does not exceed six feet. The fence must be constructed so that the finished side faces the street.
  2. The fence or wall is constructed on or behind the building line established by the front line of the principal dwelling located on the lot.
  3. A landscaping plan is approved by the City Arborist, showing a five-foot buffer yard that is installed and maintained with vegetation between the fence or wall and the public right-of-way.
  4. The Department of Public Works determines that the fence or wall will not interfere with or impede traffic visibility.
  5. Written notice is mailed to all adjacent property owners and no adjacent property owner has any objections to the fence being installed.
  6. The applicant remits all fees, obtains a fence permit, and otherwise complies with all applicable city ordinances.

Zoning Administration is responsible for ensuring that all the above requirements have been met. The process is handled administratively and will take approximately twenty days. If the above requirements have not been satisfied, the applicant may file an application for a variance to be heard by the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Applications are accepted during all normal working hours. There is no fee for the application except the cost of providing envelopes and postage.

Fence permits may be obtained via our online eBUILD system or at City Hall in the Zoning office. To obtain a permit you will need a copy of a physical survey or site plan drawn to scale and an estimate of the cost of the fence. The permit fee for fence construction is based on the cost of construction in $1,000 increments. For the first $0 to $1,000 the permit fee would be $75 plus a $5 technology fee, totaling $80. The permit fee increases an additional $15 per each $1,000 value of construction.

Fences enclosing pools and spas have special requirements and require a building permit. The fee for pool / spa fences may be higher due to the inspection requirements. A brochure is available from the Code Compliance Division of the Zoning Administration.

Barbed wire fencing is not permitted on residentially zoned property except RE-1 (Residential Estate), and then only when used to contain permitted animals.