Outdoor Event Permits & Planning

The City of Chesapeake celebrates special events for their contributions to cultural, community and economic growth. We are pleased you have selected Chesapeake as the site for your special event. Chesapeake strives to provide excellent customer service while facilitating your event needs.

The City Event Coordinator oversees the outdoor special event and photography/filming permitting process and serves as a resource to assist event organizers during event planning as well as coordinating the collaborative involvement of City resources. Depending on the scope of your event, a number of City and State departments may be involved in the logistics necessary to produce a safe and successfully executed event. The Outdoor Special Event Permit Application (see link below) will facilitate these requirements.

The Special Event Guidebook (PDF) has been developed for you to use as a reference while you complete your application. The guidebook provides a review of the process and key information needed during the planning stages of your event. Please feel free to call the City Event Coordinator at 757-382-6411 if you have any questions.

It is our goal to work with event organizers to ensure safe and successful events are held in the City of Chesapeake. We hope you find these instructions helpful in completing your Outdoor Special Events Application and your event is a great success!

City Events Coordinator

Permit Applications


Indoor Special Event Information

An operational permit is required to conduct a pre-planned indoor activity with an anticipated attendance number of five hundred (500) or more persons that is open to the public, or, charges admission, or, is outside of the general scope of a presently issued Fire Code Operational Permit for the occupancy.

Fire Code Indoor Special Event Permit Application (PDF)

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