Farmers Markets Ordinance

Farmers MarketOrdinance Background

Farmers markets are growing in popularity as consumers become more conscious of where their food comes from and desire more options to purchase seasonal and local produce. There are currently three City-sponsored farmers markets located on City-owned land in Greenbrier, Great Bridge, and Western Branch. However, City codes and ordinances do not expressly allow for the establishment of private farmers markets. As a result of citizen interest, City Council adopted Resolution 16-R-055 (PDF) on September 27, 2016, requesting the Planning Commission to consider and make recommendations concerning the definition and establishment of farmers markets.

At its May 16, 2017 meeting, City Council adopted PLN-TXT-2016-008 (PDF), alternate version, that permits privately owned and operated farmers markets to be established throughout the City, further meeting the demand for local food products and promoting agricultural and horticultural economies. Specifically, the ordinance defines a farmers market, assigns zoning districts in which they are permitted, and establishes minimum operating criteria for them to meet.

If you would like more information or are interested in establishing a farmers market in Chesapeake, you may email the Planning Department or call 757-382-6176.