Adult League Schedules and Standings

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 2023 Adult Fall Softball Schedules and Standings

Document TypeMen's OpenMen's ChurchCo-EdSenior
SchedulesTuesday 2 HR Schedule (PDF)

Wednesday 2 HR Schedule (PDF)
Thursday 2 HR Schedule (PDF)

Thursday 4-1+ HR Schedule (PDF)

Friday 3 HR Schedule (PDF)

Friday 0 HR East Schedule (PDF)

Friday 0 HR West Schedule (PDF)

Wednesday 3-1 HR Schedule (PDF)

Tuesday 2 HR Standings (PDF)

Wednesday 2 HR Standings (PDF)

Thursday 2 HR Standings (PDF)

Thursday 4-1+ HR Standings (PDF)

Friday 3 HR Standings (PDF)

Friday 0 HR East Standings (PDF)

Friday 0 HR West Standings (PDF)

Wednesday 3-1 HR Standings (PDF)

Playoff Brackets

  • Men's Open: Tuesday 2 HR, Wednesday 2 HR
  • Men's Church: Thursday 2 HR, Thursday 4-1+ HR
  • Co-Ed: Friday 3 HR, Friday 0 HR East, Friday 0 HR West
  • Senior: Wednesday 3-1 HR

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