Chesapeake Construction General Permit (CGP) Registration Process

Applicants are encouraged to include sufficient time into their project schedule to obtain CGP coverage. The City recommends that Developers and Operators submit their registration statements to the City as soon as possible after plan approval to minimize delays in commencing land disturbing and construction. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a Registration Statement prior to final plan approval to avoid state permitting process delays. Under optimum conditions, the permitting process will take 1 to 2 weeks based on information provided by DEQ.

  1. Using the City's Development Advisory documents, determine whether you are required to register your land-disturbing activity for coverage under the state CGP. CGP coverage must be obtained prior to issuance of a City Land Disturbing Permit.
  2. Complete the 2019 CGP Registration Statement, available on the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) website, or at the Development and Permits Civil Permits Office on the 3rd floor of Chesapeake City Hall at 306 Cedar Road. The submitted Registration Statement must include an ink signature.
  3. The registration statement must be submitted through the Chesapeake Civil Permits Office within the Department of Development and Permits located on the 3rd floor of Chesapeake City Hall at 306 Cedar Road. Providing an email address on your registration statement will expedite the permitting process.
  4. City staff will enter and submit the CGP registration statement into the state DEQ Permit System. If you select the option to receive correspondence electronically (via email), your wait time for permit processing will be reduced. The SWPPP must be prepared prior to final submission of the registration statement to the DEQ Permit System.
  5. The DEQ Permit System will generate an invoice to the applicant showing the state fee which is due [DEQ Fee Table]. Payments may be made to DEQ via check or credit card, and payments made electronically will reduce wait times for permit processing.
  6. Once your payment has been processed by DEQ, DEQ will send your CGP coverage letter, either electronically via email, or via U.S. Mail depending on the option you select on your registration statement. DEQ will also notify the City electronically that CGP coverage has been issued. The City cannot issue a Land Disturbing Permit until confirmation of CGP coverage is received.

Once plans are approved, the CGP Registration Statement is submitted, and CGP coverage is confirmed; the applicant may apply for and receive a City Land Disturbing permit. Once the Land Disturbing Permit is issued by the City, the owner / operator is authorized to begin land disturbing activities.

Chesapeake Construction General Permit (CGP) Registration Process (PDF)