Rental Dwelling Inspections

It is the desire of the City of Chesapeake to render service to the landlord and tenant alike. With the cooperation of all parties concerned, Chesapeake can work toward eliminating its problems of blighted rental housing.

The purpose and intent of this program is to ensure the public health, safety and welfare in rental dwelling units located within designated Special Emphasis Areas. This program is designed and intended to prevent property deterioration and neighborhood blight in areas by requiring proper building maintenance and continued compliance with all applicable regulations.

No owner, managing agent or person in control of any dwelling or dwelling unit within the special emphasis area shall permit any person to occupy such property as a tenant, lessee, or otherwise for valuable consideration unless the dwelling or dwelling unit has been inspected prior to occupancy and has been determined to be in compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations. Upon completion of initial or periodic inspection, if no violations have been observed, a four-year certificate of approval shall be issued to the owner. If, upon initial or periodic inspection, a violation is observed, follow-up inspections may be required to ensure the dwelling unit is brought into compliance. Upon completion of the follow-up inspections, and all violations have been abated, a one-year certificate of approval shall be issued to the owner.

Rental Dwelling Inspection Fee - $50

Note: The property owner, property manager, or agent for owner must be present at the time of city inspection. 

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