Landscaping & Wetlands

On August 1, 2012, tidal wetlands Joint Permit Applications (JPAs) were no longer managed by the City of Chesapeake and revert directly to the state Virginia Marine Resource Commission (VMRC) and the Army Corps of Engineers for action. The current combined City of Chesapeake Wetlands / Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Board (Wetlands / CBPA Board) was changed to the City of Chesapeake CBPA Board where CBPA issues are still heard.

In order to be proactive and continue assistance to the citizens of Chesapeake, relating to wetlands development and best management practices, the City of Chesapeake utilizes the Water Stewards program through our local Agricultural Extension Service. The Water Stewards assist private homeowners in managing stormwater runoff and shoreline erosion, and recommend to the homeowner the best approach to shoreline stabilization. They also recommend to the homeowner if a JPA (to be submitted by the homeowner or their agent directly to the VMRC) is required. Contact the Agricultural Extension Service at 757-382-6348 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

For those areas that are out of tidal wetlands, but a structure or other impacts are proposed within the 100-foot protected Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area (CBPA) buffer, a CBPA permit is still required from the Department of Planning at 757-382-6042.

Building and zoning permits are still required for wetlands projects and those projects within the CBPA. Contact the Department of Development and Permits at 757-382-6018 for these permits.

For tree issues in the CBPA, contact the Environmental Coordinator Office of the Department of Development and Permits at 757-382-6531.