Use & Occupancy Classifications

Use & Occupancy Classifications with Examples

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Assembly Uses

  • A1 - Theatres and concert halls
  • A2 - Restaurants, night clubs, banquet halls and bars
  • A3 - Gyms (without spectator seating), churches, bowling alleys and exhibition halls
  • A4 - Indoor arenas, skating rinks, swimming pools and tennis courts
  • A5 - Amusement parks, grandstands, stadiums and bleachers

Business Use

  • B - Banks, professional offices, barber shops and beauty shops

Educational Use

  • E - Schools and daycares


  • F1 - Manufacturing, fabricating and assembling products of moderate hazard
    Example: Bakeries, cabinet shops, dry cleaning, food processing, laundries, printing or publishing, refuse incineration
  • F2 - Manufacturing or fabricating products of low-hazard
    Example: Ceramic products, brick or masonry, foundries, gypsum, ice


  • H1 - Detonation hazard.
  • H2 - Deflagration or accelerated burning hazard.
  • H3 - Readily support combustion or pose a physical threat.
  • H4 - Health hazard
  • H5 - Hazardous production materials


  • I1 - More than 16 persons on a 24-hour basis
    Example: Assisted living, alcohol and drug centers, group homes, half-way houses, convalescent facilities.
  • I2 - More than 5 persons not capable of self-preservation
    Example: Hospitals, nursing homes, mental hospitals, detoxification facilities.
  • I3 - Correctional centers, detention centers, jail, prisons
  • I4 - Day Care Facilities for less than 24 hours for more then 5 persons
    Example: Adult-care facility and children facility.


  • M - Drug store, department stores, markets, motor fuel-dispensing facilities, retail or wholesale stores, sales rooms


  • R1 - Boarding houses, hotels, motels
  • R2 - Apartments, dormitories, vacation timeshares
  • R3 - Child or adult care less than 6 persons, no more than 2 dwellings
  • R4 - Care-assisted occupancies with 6 to 16 occupants excluding staff
  • R5 - Single Family dwellings, townhouses, duplexes and accessory structures


  • S1 - Moderate-hazard storage
    Example: Paper products, wood products, tobacco products, wax candles, bulk storage tires, dry boat storage, motor vehicle repair garages
  • S2 - Low-hazard storage
    Example: Metal products, aircraft hangar, parking garages, cement in bags, food products, dairy products, meats, mirrors, porcelain and pottery, frozen foods

Utility & Miscellaneous

  • U - Sheds, storage tanks, towers, greenhouses, carports, retaining wall (not associated with an R5 occupancy)