Reasons for Rejection

  1. The minimum code information is missing from the title page of the plans.
    Attachment "A" (PDF)
  2. The job and designer information is not indicated on the plans.
    Attachment "A" (PDF)
  3. An accurate floor plan or layouts are not provided.
    Attachment "B-1" (PDF)
  4. Construction details such as wall sections are not provided.
    Attachment "B-2" (PDF)
  5. The fresh air calculations and HVAC requirements are not provided for tenant spaces such as restaurants, beauty salons, nail salons and other assembly use group projects.
  6. An asbestos report is not provided with plans.
  7. Where required, an architectural or engineer's seal is not designated on the plans.
    Attachment "C" (PDF)
  8. A change of use in the tenant space requires the space to be considered under the latest building code.
  9. The new use in the tenant space exceeds the allowable ratio calculation as defined by the building code (the type of tenant occupancies and the construction type of the building only allow a certain mix).
  10. The change in use requires an increase to the fire alarm and/or protection system. Plans do not reflect the increased protection.