Budget & Support Services


The Operating Budget for the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism includes recreational programs, park programs and operations, Chesapeake Conference Center and Convention and Tourism Bureau. The majority of the recreation and park programs are in the City's General Fund and include Administration, Maintenance which includes: Municipal Housekeeping, Municipal Grounds, Parks and Athletic Maintenance and Facilities; and Recreation programs which are comprised of Youth and Adult Athletics, Youth and Instructional Programs, Senior Activities, Therapeutic Programs, Special Events and activities and Park Programs and operations. The Elizabeth River Park and the Chesapeake Arboretum operations were added to park programs in late 2015. 

The Chesapeake Conference Center and the Conventions and Tourism Bureau programs appear in the Special Revenue Fund and support the hospitality sector of the business community, City's Visitor Center, and some of the operational costs at the newly constructed Great Bridge Battlefield Museum and Visitor Center. The Conference Center Operations is operated by agreement with VenuWorks of Chesapeake, LLC to manage the operations. The goal is to enhance conventions, meetings, and entertainment and the cultural profile within the City. The City provides a fixed monthly management fee, incentive fees and reimbursement for operating costs along with facility maintenance. Revenues come from rentals, service and food and beverage fees along with Restaurant Food taxes to support the operation. The Conventions and Tourism Bureau operates with revenues from the $1 per night Lodging Flat Tax sold in Chesapeake hotels. 

The Capital Budget for Parks, Recreation and Tourism includes recurring funding to include: improvements for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements at outdoor municipal facilities and community centers; renovations and upgrades to athletic fields; security upgrades at facilities; repair, maintenance, renovations, and enhancements to park amenities, pathways and open spaces and improvements, refurbishment, and enhancements, and maintenance and renovations at recreational facilities throughout the City. The Capital Budget also included funding of a two-year $500,000 budget for the Arboretum; a $1,000,000 five-year annual budget for Northwest River Park Improvements program for renovation and rehabilitation of park structures and systems and a $650,000 five-year recurring funding of open space funding to add new playgrounds to several public schools and park sites, add splash parks at various parks and community centers, and begin the development of Heritage Park.

Support Services

The department's Administrative Division provides leadership and guidance in formulating departmental policies, managing finances, information technology, personnel, accounting, communication services, and other administrative support functions for all the operating divisions of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Tourism Advisory Board, the Chesapeake Environmental Improvement Council, and the Chesapeake Fine Arts Commission. In addition, this division oversees storekeeping and work order requests for the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism and Facilities Management.