Plan, Prepare & Activate

Emergencies of all types can and do happen right here in Chesapeake. Are you ready? Getting ready is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Plan

  • Write your emergency plan today so that it's ready for the unexpected. Find emergency plan templates on the Ready Plan Page.
  • List items you need for a basic emergency supply kit. You can find a list of basic items on the Build a Kit Page and be sure to include items that are specifically needed by you, your family members, and any pets.
  • Get flood insurance. It takes 30 days to go into effect so if you wait for the forecast to call for rain, it'll be too late.
  • Visit Know Your Zone to look up your evacuation zone and make plans now for where you'd go if your zone is called to evacuate. Remember - you don't need to leave Chesapeake! Find a friend or family member in a higher zone and talk to them now about being their evacuation buddy. Staying closer to home means you won't have to battle traffic to evacuate Hampton Roads and you'll be able to return to your home sooner after the disaster has cleared.
  • Find your flood hazard by searching your property on our interactive map.

2. Prepare

  • Put together your emergency supply kit. Use items you already have at home or purchase one item at a time until your kit has everything you need.
  • Have important documents where you can grab them easily and secure against flood and fire. Consider keeping digital copies.
  • Sign up for Chesapeake Alert to receive emergency notifications from the City. You choose how, when, and why we contact you.

3. Activate

  • When an emergency happens, listen to updates from officials.
  • Follow your emergency plan.
  • Evacuate to another zone if directed by officials.

Considerations When Writing an Emergency Plan

When a disaster strikes, your first thoughts may be: Where is my family? Is everybody OK? How do we get to safety? Disasters can happen suddenly, and knowing where your family is and how to communicate with them is important. That's why you need to make a plan and be prepared ahead of time.Sit down with your whole family and think through different emergency or disaster situations:

Preparedness Planning for Your Business