Plan Review Level 3

Level 3

This level requires plans to be designed by and submitted with an architectural / engineer seal and signature per State Code. The design professional must be licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Attachment C is a list of when the architectural/engineer seal is required. Refer to Items required to be submitted for Building Permit.

Items Required to Be Submitted for a Building Permit - Level 3

  1. A key plan (PDF) that details the footprint of the building and the location of the tenant space (available from the owner or landlord)
  2. A building permit application (PDF) form
  3. An asbestos report completed by a company licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia (Applicable to all buildings or tenant spaces built before January 1, 1985)
  4. Fresh air calculations as required in the International Mechanical Code
  5. One set of plans drawn to scale with the following information on the plans:
    • The name of the project
    • The address of the project and the suite number
    • The name, address, phone number and occupation of the plan designer (person who can prepare the drawings include the owner, a contractor, or a professional designer.)
    • The current and proposed use group classification
    • The construction type classification of the building and tenant space
    • The square footage area of the tenant space
    • The maximum design occupant load of the tenant space
    • Specify if the building is protected with fire sprinklers or a fire alarm system.
    • A dimensioned floor plan showing the perimeter measurements and all areas within (Detail B-1 (PDF))
    • The location of the exit lights and the emergency lights (Detail B-1 (PDF))
    • A full wall detail (Detail B-2 (PDF) or Detail B-3 (PDF))
    • A list of all fire-rated assemblies with full details
    • All accessibility details required by the accessibility code
    • Examples: lever handles, ramps, toilet rooms, water fountains, door sizes (Detail B-4 (PDF) and Detail B-5 (PDF))
    • The location of the toilet facilities, water fountain and the service sink (Detail B-1 (PDF))
    • Plumbing, mechanical, gas, electrical or fire protection plans as necessary.

The items above are a general list of requirements. Other details or information may be required once the plan review has been completed for the tenant space to be in compliance with the codes.

Permit Applications & Instructions – Level 3