Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services / Abuse Hotlines


City of Chesapeake's Child Protective Services Hotline: 757-382-2020


Virginia State Child Abuse Hotline: 800-552-7096 (After hours, weekends, holidays)


The goal of Child Protective Services (CPS) is to identify, assess, and provide services to children and families in an effort to protect children, preserve families, whenever possible, and prevent maltreatment.

Reports of abuse and neglect of children under the age of 18 are investigated with the goal of protecting children from physical, mental, and medical neglect, and from sexual abuse and exploitation. We provide services to prevent and alleviate family crises. Child Protective Services is a federally mandated program and accepts reports of suspected child abuse and neglect. These services are provided 24/7.

Child Protective Services Ongoing Services

Families that have findings for abuse and neglect are referred to the CPS Ongoing Services Team for continued service needs. The family services specialist will schedule a Family Partnership Meeting to establish the needed services to assist the family and to prevent further abuse and neglect. The family and their support system are encouraged to fully participate in these meetings.