Volunteer for Juvenile Services

Thank you for your interest and desire to volunteer with Chesapeake Juvenile Services (CJS) a division of the Department of Human Services for the City of Chesapeake. CJS is an organization of well-trained professionals dedicated to the positive development of court-involved youth detained in our care.

We promote positive change in our at-risk youth by modeling desired behaviors, building social skills, and collaborating with the families, community, and service providers to assist residents in reaching their full potential. CJS hopes to inspire youth to discover value in themselves, their peers, their families, authority figures, and their communities to assist them in becoming productive contributing citizens of society.

In order to completely fulfill our mission, we need and welcome youth/family-focused individuals, businesses, agencies and service providers to assist us in the delivery of quality services to our residents. CJS may have a wonderful volunteer opportunity waiting for you!

Volunteer Positions

Although non-inclusive, we need volunteers to serve in the following capacities:

  • Mentors
  • Group Facilitators
  • Tutors for Literacy, Writing and Math
  • Social/Vocational Skill Building Curriculums and Activities
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Theatrical Performance and Production
  • Poetry/ Music
  • Job and Career Readiness Skill Development
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Anti-Gang/Bullying

Volunteer Requirements

  1. Complete the CJS Volunteer Application on the City of Chesapeake jobs website.
  2. Provide three personal or work references (not related to you).
  3. Inform Chesapeake Juvenile Services that you have completed your application. You may email Peter Curney, Training Coordinator, or call 757-382-6135; email Karin Harrell, Program Manager, or call 757-382-6460.
  4. Complete the following items with the City of Chesapeake Human Resources (someone from Human Resources will contact you to schedule an appointment):
    1. Child Protective Services Request for Search of the Central Registry and the Release of Information Form
    2. Background investigations with Release of Information Forms to include all of the following: Criminal history, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and State Police fingerprints, Sex Offender Registry
  5. Complete interview and/or provide a presentation of the services you would like to provide to a panel of CJS staff. If you require audiovisual aids for your presentation, please notify one of the individuals listed in Number 3 above in advance for accommodations.