Know Your Zone

Know Where You Are. So You Know When to Go

The City of Chesapeake, together with Virginia and other coastal communities, has developed a plan for evacuating residents who will be in harm's way should a hurricane strike. This system makes it easier to know when approaching hurricane puts your home at risk.

Steps to Take Now

Know Your Zone

Find your evacuation zone using your address at Know Your Zone Site. If you are having trouble using the site on mobile devices, or if you need assistance, please call Chesapeake's Customer Contact Center at 757-382-2489. They can tell you your zone. If you aren't in an evacuation zone, you are not expected to need to evacuate. But it's still important to prepare.

Know Where You Will Go

he best place to evacuate is the safest place closest to home, preferably with family or friends. Use the evacuation map to identify places you could go. If needed, emergency shelters will be open, but these are bare minimum facilities, so be prepared to bring what you need.

Sign up to Be Notified

Chesapeake will use all available means to notify people of an evacuation, but the best way to get the message is to register for the City's notification system, Chesapeake Alert. Registering ensures that you are notified directly in the way you prefer and receive updates after the storm has passed.

Get Flood Insurance

Hurricane seasons in the past have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that people in coastal areas need flood insurance, even in areas that have never flooded. Homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage from natural disasters.

Be Prepared has a comprehensive list that you can customize based on your needs. Think about what you'd need if you stay at home, go to a shelter, or travel out of town. Make a communications plan for your family so everyone knows how to connect.