City Departmental Invoices

The City Treasurer's Miscellaneous Collections Department currently bills on behalf of the departments listed below. Please note the City Treasurer's Office does not resolve disputes on the fees generated on behalf of another department. If there is a discrepancy or you wish to dispute the fee, please contact the department that initiated the invoice. The department's point of contact information is listed below as well as on the invoice below your address.

If your City Invoice is older than 60 days, your account has been turned over to our delinquent collections department. As with any delinquent account, our office will use any and all collection avenues to satisfy the account in full. Additional actions may incur additional fees. If you would like to make payment on your invoice, please call 844-382-4426 and select option number 6 for Miscellaneous Invoices.

If your bill is covered by bankruptcy, please email us at with your bankruptcy case number so it can be notated on your account.

Animal Control
Chesapeake Animal Services
757- 382-8080
City Manager’s Office - FOIA
Chesapeake City Manager’s Office
757- 382-6166
Development and Permits
Chesapeake Development and Permits
Chesapeake Fire Department
Human Resources
Chesapeake Human Resources Department
Police Dept. - Cost Recovery (DUI or Special Operations)
Misc. Collections
Police Dept. - False Alarm
Chesapeake Police Department
Police Dept. – Camera Violation Citations
Chesapeake Police Department Traffic Enforcement