Drug Court Information

The Chesapeake Commonwealth Attorney's Office Guide to the basics of the Chesapeake Drug Court Program.

Basics of Drug Court


  • Specialized docket targeting non-violent offenders with chronic Substance Use Disorder.
  • Participants will complete intensive counseling and related programs to teach them how to move forward in sobriety and reestablish personal relationships and ties to community.
  • Participants will be not only held accountable for their actions while in the program, through sanctions, but also will receive guidance, praise, and incentives for making good choices.

Admittance Process

There are multiple steps to become accepted into the Program

  • Referral Paperwork submitted by Defense;
  • Initial Screening by Commonwealth;
  • Assessment by CIBH for High Risk/High Need Intervention;
  • Screening by Probation for acceptable Chesapeake residence; then,
  • Acceptance if criteria met and admission into program via Plea Agreement with Commonwealth Attorney.

Successful Completion

  • Participants that successfully complete and graduate from Drug Court will have their “hanging” or potential jail sentence suspended.
  • Participants that successfully complete and graduate from Drug Court will be released from Supervised Probation.

Unsuccessful Completion

  • Participants that are discharged from the program as unsuccessful will have a sentencing hearing for their pending matter(s).
  • Participants will have a pre-determined Guidelines range in their Plea for their pending charge(s).