Chesapeake 2045

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Comprehensive Plan Update – Creating an Exceptional Future

The Chesapeake Planning Department is updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan! Throughout this two-year process, there will be many opportunities for residents and stakeholders to provide input on the future of our City. Looking towards the year 2045, together we will envision a Chesapeake where there is an opportunity for everyone to Live, Learn, Work, Farm, and Play.

Public Input Opportunities - Chesapeake 2045

Now is the best time to make your voice heard about what you want Chesapeake to look like in the future. Here's how you can share your thoughts. 

Text Updates: Text "Ches2045" to 888777 to receive text updates about public input opportunities. 

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a City’s guide to how it will move into the future, whether that be with new growth and development, or protection and preservation of the things we have. It provides the City with policies and recommendations on a range of topics from economic development to environmental sustainability and resilience to transportation to placemaking and design. This plan helps us visualize where new roads and infrastructure may be needed in the future, and valuable natural resources and assets that must be protected.  

The Comprehensive Plan is used by City departments and elected officials in decision-making, and can be a useful resource for individuals and businesses who live and work here.

View the current Comprehensive Plan here.