Mechanical Equipment Permits

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Very Important

If the equipment is gas or fuel, a Chimney or Vent Certification (PDF) must be completed and signed by the permit holder. Permit holder can upload the completed form to their eBUILD record, scan the completed form and email to Permit Support, or mail a completed form to:

Development and Permits, Permits Division
P.O. Box 15225, Chesapeake, VA 23322

Inspection cannot be performed until your Chimney or Vent Certification is received in the Mechanical Division.

Projects for new installation and replacement of equipment which are located outside require site plan approval.  You must submit a site plan indicating the location of the outside equipment.  If you do not have a site plan you may use our Generic Site plan for submittal with you permit request.

Projects That Require a Mechanical Permit

  • Install new mechanical equipment
  • Install Gas / Fuel Fired Appliance
  • Install air handler
  • Install electrical furnace
  • Install gas furnace
  • Install / replace gas or oil boiler
  • Install / replace water heater
  • Install woodstove
  • Install commercial hood
  • Install paint booth
  • Install / replace duct system
  • Install / replace vent system
  • Install heat pump
  • Install / replace commercial roof-top unit
  • Install walk-in cooler
  • Install walk-in freezer
  • Install / replace commercial / residential elevator
  • Install / replace escalator
  • Install electric air conditioning
  • Install humidifier
  • Outdoor AC unit
  • Outdoor Heat pump
  • Gas pack
  • LP Tank
  • Outdoor Fire Pit
  • Outdoor Gas Light Pole
  • Pool Heater
  • Generator

Projects That Do Not Require a Mechanical Permit

  • Replace electric furnace (same for same)
  • Install portable cooling unit (plug-in)
  • Thaw frozen pipe
  • Install portable ventilating equipment (plug-in)