Gas Permits

This information covers many projects, but is not meant to be all-inclusive. Some repairs may require permits and inspections depending on the extent of the repair. There may be situations when additional permits are required. If you have any questions, please call 757-382-6018.

Required Permits

Install gas logsxx  
Relocate gas logsx   
Replace gas logsx   
Install gas water heaterxxx 
Relocate gas water heaterx x 
Replace gas water heater x  
Install gas oven/range (new)x   
Relocate gas oven/rangex   
Install gas packxx  
Relocate gas packx   
Replace gas pack x  
Install gas boiler (new)xx  
Relocate gas boilerx   
Replace gas boiler x  
Install gas furnace (new)xx  
Relocate gas furnacexx  
Replace gas furnace x  
Install gas outdoor BBQ Pit/fire pit/gas light polex   
Relocate gas outdoor BBQ Pit/fire pit/gas light polex   
Install/relocate/replace LP Tankxx  
Install/relocate/replace/repair gas line for gas meterx   
Repair leak in gas pipe or Red Tag by Fire Departmentx   
Install Generatorxx x
 Install Medical Gas Equipment x   

Permits Not Required

  • Repair gas oven
  • Replace gas oven or gas range (same for same)
  • Repair gas water heater
  • Replace gas water heater (same for same) – required a mechanical permit only
  • Repair gas boiler
  • Replace gas boiler (same for same) – a mechanical permit is required.
  • Repair gas furnace
  • Replace gas furnace (same for same) – a mechanical permit is required.