Community Corrections

Since July 1995, the Chesapeake Community Corrections Agency (CCA) has served the Chesapeake Circuit, General District and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court as a distinct identity within the local criminal justice system. CCA has established itself as a professional division of the Human Services Department capable of providing both pre- and post-trial services in order to extend alternatives to incarceration to all courts within the First Judicial Circuit and District of Virginia. This multi-service agency has become a comprehensive community-based corrections agency to divert and supervise, in a manner consistent with public safety and the preferences of the courts, minimum-security arrestees and detainees from the Chesapeake Jail. CCA is a core function in public safety for the City of Chesapeake. The agency consists of two components: Local Community-based Probation Services and Pretrial Services.

Local Community-Based Probation

The purpose of this component is to provide alternatives to sentencing for the courts. In lieu of jail, eligible offenders are required to perform meaningful community service work, pay court-ordered restitution and or costs/fines, and if ordered to do so, participate in drug screening, assessment, domestic violence counseling, substance abuse treatment and anger management. Those not in full compliance are returned to court for an appropriate disposition. Those who successfully complete the court-ordered sanctions are released favorably to move along the path of progress in a lawful and productive manner. Optional Services include referrals to several resources such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)/Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, job search assistance, parenting classes, financial assistance groups, shoplifter's alternative groups, leisure time management and any other service as ordered or directed by the court.

Pretrial Services

This component of CCA provides judges with information to assist the court in making the best bond/release decisions for arrestees financially unable to make bail while awaiting trial. If released to Pretrial Services, defendants are supervised in the community to ensure compliance with the conditions of release as ordered by the court or magistrate, to refrain from criminal behavior and to help ensure the defendant's appearance in court at all related court hearings. Defendants are supervised until the case is adjudicated by the Court. Optional services are determined by the court or magistrate and may include house arrest, electronic monitoring and drug and/or alcohol assessment, random testing and treatment.

Volunteering or Internship

If you are interested in volunteering with Chesapeake CCA, please fill out the online volunteer application.

Related Boards & Commissions

Community Criminal Justice Board (CCJB) provides for the purchase, development and operation of community-based programs for use by the Courts in diverting offenders from the local jail.