School Bus Stop Arm Safety Program

Chesapeake Public Schools, the Chesapeake Police Department, and BusPatrol America, LLC., the third-party vendor the City contracts with, are committed to the safety of students and staff on school buses city-wide. This program, which began in 2019, places cameras on the entire fleet of school buses – nearly 600 – to combat inattentive, reckless, and dangerous driving that puts the lives of students, staff, and other motorists at risk. These cameras allow law enforcement to expand their enforcement efforts to promote increased highway safety and educate violators on the law.

Below are general knowledge questions and specific questions you may have if you received a violation in the mail. Please read below and if your question is not answered, email Sergeant Kenneth Byrd, Program Manager, with additional questions at – Please include your name, citation number (CH-xxxxxxx), phone number, and other pertinent information. 

What is the law?

Virginia Code 46.2-844 and City of Chesapeake Ordinance 74-196 govern the program. Note that no one has the authority to wave you by a stopped bus other than a law enforcement officer or school crossing guard. This includes the bus drivers themselves, who cannot authorize you to pass. 

When do I have to stop?
VA School Bus WhenToStop

1. Motorists who are travelling in the same direction as the bus should always stop.
2. Motorists who are travelling in the opposite direction when there is not a positive median (curb, guard rail, etc.) should always stop.
3. Motorists who are traveling in the opposite direction when there is a positive barrier do not need to stop.
4. When in doubt, stopping is safer! 

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