Our Mission and Vision

Welcome to the City of Chesapeake’s Parks, Recreation and Tourism website. 

The department provides a wide array of services, programs, activities and events for a diverse population of all ages and with varying interests. In addition to programs and events, there are more than 80 parks throughout the city that include open and natural areas, trails, playgrounds, shelters, fitness areas and athletic fields as well as a number of additional amenities to include dog parks, mini and disc golf, campgrounds, water playgrounds, historical landmarks and much, much more. 

Our facilities also include opportunities for waterway access to enjoy fishing, crabbing, kayaking, canoeing and boating. 

Our 8 community centers and 4 specialty service facilities cultivate community connections and engagement and offer amenities such as fitness rooms, club rooms with kitchen, meeting spaces, and game rooms. 

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Some of the many programs provided at centers and outdoor sites are instructional classes, camps, interpretative trails, and after-school programs, with the mission of fostering an appreciation for the outdoors and wildlife, improving the environment, historical significance and lessons and practices for a healthy lifestyle. 

Recreational services also include activities and events designed for specific populations for youth and adults, the 55 & Better community, and those with special needs. With the assistance of our volunteers and community partnerships, we work to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives in Chesapeake and beyond and are always striving to provide exceptional services to make our city a better place to live, visit, learn, work, play and farm.