Employee Relations

The Department of Human Resources provides employee relations services to City employees and supervisors on work-related matters. Staff members are available to answer questions regarding policy, discuss options to address concerns, and to determine and provide the applicable resources to resolve conflict. If you have any questions about the information on this page, you may contact the Department of Human Resources at 757-382-6492.


In order to effectively accomplish the work of the City, it is necessary for open communication to exist between supervisors and their employees. Toward that end, the City of Chesapeake has a Grievance Policy and Procedure designed to provide a formal means to resolve problems which may arise in connection with the employee's working environment. Employees are encouraged to discuss work-related problems with their supervisors before using the formal Grievance Procedure.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

The City of Chesapeake has designed uniform standards and procedures governing the equality of opportunity for City employees and job applicants. We believe that the personal uniqueness of each employee is an asset of great worth. As such, we are dedicated to creating a work environment where all employees are afforded the opportunity to develop, perform and advance to their maximum potential without regard to race, religion, age, color, sex, national origin, disability, marital status, genetic information, or sexual orientation.

The City prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, marital status, and sexual orientation. The City also prohibits retaliation against an employee for making a good-faith complaint of harassment or discrimination, or for participating, assisting, or testifying in an investigation.


The City adopted an Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (PDF) designed to:

  • Set uniform standards and procedures governing the equality of opportunity for City employees and job applicants
  • Eliminate discrimination or harassment in employment
  • Promote equal employment opportunities for City employees and job applicants
  • Create an environment free of discrimination and harassment


Services provided by the EEO Professional include training, investigation, counseling, and/or conflict resolution. The EEO professional will interview the individual seeking assistance to determine whether the person should receive support in the form of counseling, whether the person wants to request mediation, or whether the person wishes to file an internal or external complaint.

For information regarding the City's EEO Policy (PDF) or general questions, please email Jamie Crowder.

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