Community Risk Reduction Division

Community Risk ReductionThe Community Risk Reduction Division is responsible for fire safety code enforcement, fire investigations, and public education.

Education & Fire Life Safety

We oversee education programs about fire safety and do presentations to school groups, senior citizens, and others. We have a Juvenile Firesetter Program to work with children who have been caught setting fires and an Adventure Intervention Mentor Program that works with high-risk children to reduce the rate of recurrence of incidents involving fire.

Fire & Life Safety Inspection Program

The Community Risk Reduction Division conducts fire and life safety inspections of businesses to keep you safe and ensure compliance with the Statewide Fire Prevention Code. Find out more about our inspection program. To request an inspection call 757-382-2489.


The Fire Prevention Office handles all investigations for suspicious fires and incidents of hazardous materials, explosive devices, bomb threats, threats to burn, and other offenses. We work diligently to find the cause of every fire in Chesapeake to keep you safe.

Plans Review

The Community Risk Reduction Division reviews plans for all buildings and building alterations that involve fire protection systems to ensure compliance with the Statewide Fire Prevention Code. View the Fire Protection or Hazardous Materials System Permit Application Adobe (PDF).

The Community Risk Reduction Division charges fees to cover the review process including the research of all necessary code(s) and standard(s) to verify compliance, actual review of the plan, time spent consulting with contractors, developers, engineers, and/or architects, and field inspections. This fee must be paid prior to any plan being accepted for our review. View Plans Review Fees (PDF).

Records Request

To request documents from the Chesapeake Fire Department, Virginia Freedom of Information Report (FOIA).