Risk Management

The Risk Management Division is responsible for minimizing the risks and potential for losses relating to City's assets. This is done primarily through a self-insured risk retention program for liability and workers compensation, the purchase of certain insurance coverage, effective claims management, contractual risk transfer, and implementing risk reduction strategies to minimize future losses.

State Law requires that any claim asserted against the City for compensation or damages must be submitted in writing to the City Attorney for the City of Chesapeake. Verbal communications, whether by telephone or in person do not meet the standard of notice required by law. The written request can be in the form of a letter, a note, a fax or email.

The written notice should include the following:

  1. Your full name, address and phone number.
  2. A description of the accident or incident which includes:
    • The location of the accident or incident which includes;
    • The time it occurred;
    • How it occurred; and
    • A statement as to why you consider the City to be responsible.

Proof of the claim, including bills, receipts, estimates, photos, statements, and any similar information should be attached. Please email, mail or deliver to:

  • City Attorney's Office
    City Hall Building, 6th Floor
    306 Cedar Road
    Chesapeake, Virginia 23322

or email the City Attorney or fax it to 757-382-8749.