Commercial - Site Inspection & Acceptance


  1. A Final Site Plan must be approved by Department of Development and Permits, Development Engineer Division.
  2. Review the Utility Activation package letter which was mailed subsequent to plan approval. In particular, large water meter(s) are provided by the developer, delivered to the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) meter shop to be installed by the City.

To Begin Construction

  1. Complete the Resident Notification Form (PDF) - The resident notification form shall be completed and mailed or delivered to the adjacent property owners thirty (30) days prior to commencing construction.
  2. Obtain the Land Disturbing Permit
  3. Obtain the Right-of-Way Permit and Stormwater Permit (if required).
  4. Contact the Permits Office at 757-382-6101, as follows:
    1. No later than 48 hours prior to commencing construction on public right-of-way or within a public easement
    2. Daily notification for continuing work
    3. When permitted work is complete
  5. Utility Final / Activation
    1. Complete the water and sewer improvements within the public right-of-way and public easements in accordance with the approved plans and the Public Facilities Manual (PFM).
    2. Request a Utilities substantial inspection upon completion of improvements which will cause Public Works to perform a punch-list inspection.
    3. Submit the activation package including
    4. Complete the punch-list items.
    5. Upon approval of activation package, take water samples per Flushing and Disinfection Policy (PDF). If the site is protected by a fire protection system, the Fire Protection Division will perform an additional pressure test.
    6. Request Utility final inspection.
    7. City accepts water and sewer improvements and activates utilities.
  6. Entrance and Drainage Final Acceptance
    1. Complete all entrance and drainage improvements on the approved plans and the (PFM).
    2. Request an entrance and drainage substantial inspection upon completion of improvements which will generate a punch list.
    3. Submit the Entrance And Drainage Acceptance Package (Defect Bond) including the Site Plan Construction Record Drawings (As-Builts) (PDF)
    4. Complete the punch list items.
    5. Request the entrance drainage final inspection.
    6. City releases Permit performance bond and accepts the entrance and drainage public improvements.
  7. Prior to Certificate of Occupancy
    1. Submit the Site Plan Construction Record Drawings (CRDs) (PDF) (mylars of all plan sheets) with the following certifications (PDF): General Site Plan, On-Site pavement section, BMP / private lake detention, and Lot Grading.
    2. Stormwater management facility must be functional.
    3. All public impoundments must be complete.

For Construction Site Land Development (not buildings), contact the Development and Permits, Development and Construction Division.

For Building Inspections, contact the Building Permit Office.