Information Related to Battlefield Golf Club

This webpage is for residents concerned about the Battlefield Golf Club on Centerville Turnpike. Here you will find related documents requested by the City from businesses and agencies involved with the development of the course. New information will be added as we receive it.

  • Answers to citizen questions from the March 16th, 2011 community meeting
  • Hydrogeologic Investigation and Groundwater Modeling Report (March 2011) (PDF)

For ease of use, the above document has been broken into smaller sections.

  1. Correspondence with Citizens
  1. City Water Project
  1. Other Projects in the Area
  1. Regulation
  1. Coal Combustion Byproduct Advisory Committee - Meeting Minutes
  1. Test Results for Surface Water & Ground Water
  1. Other Correspondence
  1. Other Resources
  1. Other Requested Documents
  1. Details of the Project & Related Stipulations
  1. Documents Related to Permits & Approvals
  1. Centerville & Whittamore Improvement Plan