Off-Duty Employment

Information on Employing Off-Duty Police Officers

Basic Information

Chesapeake Police Officers may work while off-duty for the following types of work, which involve law enforcement duties:

  • As a visible presence to deter unlawful acts and/or to maintain order.
  • As security and/or theft prevention.
  • As traffic control and/or direction.

During off-duty employment, Police Officers:

  • Must be in uniform at all times.
  • Are directed by their law enforcement powers, which are governed by state code, city ordinance, city regulations and police department policy and procedures, and cannot be limited by a private employer.
  • Do not have the authority to enforce private employer's rules and regulations.
  • Cannot perform non-law enforcement tasks, such as retrieving grocery carts, stacking shelves, etc.

The private employer hiring off-duty officers:

  • May be a business, organization, community or individual person.
  • Must pay the officers directly as no money is exchanged through the police department.
  • Must complete and submit the Off-Duty Employer Agreement within sufficient time for it to be reviewed and approved before off-duty police officers can begin any work. The Off-Duty Employer Agreement includes additional information and acknowledgments beyond what is listed on this page.
  • Must provide any equipment or training needed for officers to safely and reasonably perform this off-duty employment, which is not issued or provided by the Chesapeake Police Department

Information on Pay Rate

Based on the off-duty employment work and the scale of the work, the private employer may need a police officer, a police supervisor, or a combination of police officers and/or police supervisors. If uncertain, we can assist in determining your needs. The current hourly rates for off-duty employment are:

  • Off-Duty Police Officer: $50 per hour with a 4 hour minimum
  • Off-Duty Police Supervisor: $57 per hour with a 4 hour Minimum

How Do I Request to Hire off-Duty Officers

Requests for employment of off-duty police officers or off-duty police supervisors are made through the Chesapeake Police Department's Special Operations Section under the Traffic Enforcement Unit, which may be contacted by telephone at 757-382-3537 or email Special Operations Section

Download the Off-Duty Employer's Agreement (PDF).