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The Blue Heron Project

The original Blue Heron sculpture was unveiled at Greenbrier Mall in September of 2006, during the announcement of the new City Symbol. Later that month, City Council unanimously adopted the Blue Heron as the Official Symbol for the City of Chesapeake.

Since that time, Blue Heron statues have begun appearing throughout the city, including a cold-cast bronze version outside City Hall, a glass-encrusted version in the City Hall lobby, a patriotic themed statue at the Central Library and numerous others. Each statue stands 6-feet tall, and each is sponsored by an individual or organization. Local artists lend their skills to customizing the statues in a wide array of themes, materials, and colors. All designs for statues must be approved by the Blue Heron Project committee.

The Blue Heron Project is a City of Chesapeake community initiative. The project is led by a committed group of volunteers working together to bring hundreds of blue heron sculptures to our beautiful city and raise $1 million for education. Each uniquely decorated blue heron sculpture serves as a symbol of our City's commitment to this important endeavor.

Private citizens, groups, organizations, and corporations can all get involved in this exciting project. Experience the power of giving, and sponsor this unique philanthropic program!

Adopt-A-Heron Program

Model TypeSculpture SizeCost
Majestic Model6 feet$3,500
Legacy Model4 feet$300, Perfect for private residences

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