Mayor’s Commission on Veterans Affairs (MCVA)


The Mayor's Commission on Veterans Affairs serves in an advisory capacity to the Mayor. The Commission makes recommendations concerning issues related to City policies and laws that affect Veterans.


The Mayor's Commission on Veterans Affairs' purpose is to assist the City of Chesapeake in providing benefits and services to its citizens as related to Veterans Affairs.


  1. To be a knowledge resource for the Mayor and city government regarding issues that may affect veterans
  2. To honor veterans and to show public appreciation for those who serve and have served our country
  3. To manage the Chesapeake Veterans Memorial Fund and to oversee the maintenance and repair of the Veterans Memorial
  1. Members


  • Chairman - Commissioner Zachary D. Williams
  • Vice Chairman - Commissioner Angela D. Taylor
  • Secretary - Commissioner Julie Chandoo
  • Treasurer - Commissioner David L. Weber
  • Commissioner Kenneth R. Belkofer
  • Commissioner Angela P. Bell
  • Commissioner Venetta V. Charles
  • Commissioner Robert E. Gregory
  • Commissioner James E. Keiper
  • Commissioner Mary Parzynski
  • Commissioner C. Stanley Romes
  • Commissioner George S. Smith
  • Commissioner Lincoln S. Smith

Chairmen Emeritus

  • Carl M. Dozier
  • John Nogosek
  • Paul Phelps
  • Wayne J. Sarapata
  • William C. Wheaton


To apply for the Mayor's Commission on Veterans Affairs, submit a Boards and Commissions application form online to the City Clerk's Office.

More Information

If you require additional information concerning service on the Commission or wish to provide inputs for consideration by the Commission, please contact any current member who will gladly assist you.

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