Number Ten Lane Bridge Replacement

Project Description

The Number Ten Lane Bridge Replacement Project corridor from Sentry Drive to East of Sentry Drive is a local two-lane roadway uniform roadway section. The purpose of this project, funded by the VA Department of Transportation (VDOT) State of Good Repair (SGR) program funds, is to replace structurally deficient bridge infrastructure crossing Lindsey Canal while making needed stormwater drainage improvements.

The project limits are along Number Ten Lane from Sentry Drive to 300 feet east of Sentry Drive. The roadway will be widened along both sides of Number Ten Lane over Lindsey Canal to increase the lane width within the project area. In addition to the bridge replacement, drainage ditches will be added to alleviate ponding adjacent to the roadway.

Project Diagrams

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Project Schedule

Design Completion: Spring 2023

Begin Right-of-Way Acquisition: Spring 2022

Advertise for Construction: Fall 2022

Project Budget

The project budget will cover engineering, land acquisition and construction costs. Project costs are preliminary and subject to change depending on final design features, inflation, utility relocation and easement acquisition costs.

Budget: $1.25 million


The bridge replacement will require some property acquisition for right-of-way and easement purposes. Currently there are four parcels affected by the project. Prior to the right-of-way and easement acquisition process and construction, all required easements will be shown on the plans.