Edwin Drive Improvements


This project will convert Edwin Drive from a one-way operational road into a two-way operation from Hillcrest Parkway to Edinburgh Lane. The project will include pavement markings, traffic signal modifications, and re-alignment of the Route 168 Chesapeake Expressway southbound on-ramp to accommodate the new two-way traffic operation. New curb and gutter, barriers, retaining wall, and drainage improvements along the corridor will be included. Construction advertisement is planned for March 2022 pending completion of right-of-way acquisition.

Purpose of Project

Edwin Drive is currently a one-way road from Edinburgh Lane (movie theater access road) to Hillcrest Parkway, that does not allow northbound access to Hillcrest Parkway, or the southbound Route 168 Chesapeake Expressway. Motorists must either travel through the commercial access roads that serve the businesses in the development or travel around the development using Armstrong Road and Edinburgh Parkway to return to the Hillcrest Parkway intersection with Edwin Drive.

The purpose of this project is to convert Edwin Drive from a one-way operational road into a two-way operational road from Edinburgh Lane to Hillcrest Parkway. In addition to the two-way operation along Edwin Drive, the project will realign the Route 168 Chesapeake Expressway southbound entrance ramp to accommodate the new two-way traffic operations. The realigned ramp will allow full-sized tractor-trailer trucks to access the ramp from both directions on Edwin Drive.

Project Diagram

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Project Budget

The project budget Includes engineering, land acquisition, and construction funding.

Budget: $1.8 million


The road improvements will require some property acquisition for right-of-way and easement purposes. Currently there are three parcels affected by the project. Right-of-way acquisition is underway.

Further Information

Project Design Start: Spring 2020

Project Design Completion: Fall 2021

Project Construction Start: Summer 2023

Project Budget: $1.8 million - Council appropriated an additional $990K on 02/14/23.