Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Board (CBPA)


  • 6 p.m.
  • 3rd Wednesday of every month
  • City Hall
    City Council Chambers

What is the CBPA Board?

The CBPA Board is a nine (9) member board appointed by the City Council. The CBPA Board reviews and makes decisions regarding Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area (CBPA) exceptions, appeals and violations.

Note: Projects requiring Joint Permit Application may also require a CBPA Exception.

View an interactive map of the CBPA in our Chesapeake Map Gallery.

Better Site Design – "Riparian Buffers Modification & Mitigation Guidance Manual" (PDF) by Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation

For those areas that are out of tidal wetlands, but a structure or other impacts are proposed within the 100' protected Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area (CBPA) buffer, a CBPA permit will still be required from the Department of Planning at 757-382-6176.

Building and zoning permits are still required for wetlands projects and those projects within the CBPA. Contact the Department of Development and Permits at 757-382-6018 for these permits.

For tree issues in the CBPA, contact the Landscape Office of the Department of Development and Permits at 757-382-6531.

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