Chesapeake's Notable Yard Contest

Nominate your own or a neighbor's yard. Yards that are professionally maintained are ineligible. Open to all citizens in Chesapeake communities. View Notable Yards Flyer (PNG) with more information, click here.

Nominations Open from May 1, 2022 and close May 31, 2022. (Nominations are closed are currently closed.)

Nominations and Judging Schedule for 2022:

  • May 1 through May 31 - Nominations accepted.
  • Early June - Judging begins.
  • Late June - Winners are chosen for the following high school districts in Chesapeake: Deep Creek, Grassfield, Great Bridge, Hickory, Indian River, Oscar Smith, and Western Branch.
  • Early July - Presentations made to winners.


All winners will receive a gift card. Thanks to our sponsor, White's Nursery!

A sign is placed in the winning yards for a month.


The Chesapeake Environmental Improvement Council (CEIC), in partnership with the Chesapeake Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, is pleased to announce the winners in the 2022 Chesapeake Notable Yards contest.

The 2022 winners include:

  • Deep Creek: Bobby Nance
  • Grassfield: Morrison Family
  • Great Bridge: Meredith Shafley
  • Hickory: Stacy Kucharczk
  • Indian River: Prezillia Degree
  • Oscar Smith: Jamesetta Walker
  • Western Branch: Bill and Gretchen Edwards-Bodmer

For photos and descriptions of the 2022 Notable Yard winners, please see our News Release.

For more information, contact the Special Programs Office of the Chesapeake Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Department at 757-382-6411.