Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court

Clerk of Court: Bonnie Coffey

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The purpose of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court as specified in the Virginia Code Section 16.1-227 is:

  1. To divert from or within the juvenile justice system, to the extent possible, consistent with the protection of the public safety, those children who can be cared for or treated through alternative programs;
  2. To provide judicial procedures through which the provisions of this law are executed and enforced and in which the parties are assured a fair hearing and their constitutional and other rights are recognized and enforced;
  3. To separate a child from such child's parents, guardian, legal custodian or other person standing in loco parentis only when the child's welfare is endangered or it is in the interest of public safety and then only after consideration of alternatives to out-of-home placement which afford effective protection to the child, his family, and the community; and
  4. To protect the community against those acts of its citizens, both juveniles and adults, which are harmful to others and to reduce the incidence of delinquent behavior and to hold offenders accountable for their behavior.
  1. Court Cost


If appealing an order of this court, fees will be applied for cases involving custody or visitation.

Guardian Ad Litem

Fees associated with this service are assessed against the child's parents and guardians based upon their income.


The Filing fee for custody and visitation petitions is $25 per filing event.


  1. Traffic fines may be pre-paid n later than the day before the scheduled court date. Accepted methods of payment include credit cards, debit cards, checks, and cash. Payment are accepted in person, you may no pay over the telephone.
  2. To pre-pay a ticket, a juvenile must either have a parent present or the ticket must be notarized and bear the signature of a parent or guardian.

Make a Payment

Various payments can be made online via the online payment system. You must make a formal request for deferred and installment payment plans. For more payment information, visit or call the court 757-382-8100.

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