Hurricanes & Tropical Storms

Every year, the Public Works Department updates its hurricane plan in order to prepare for the possibility that a tropical storm or hurricane may hit the City. Throughout hurricane season, Public Works coordinates with Emergency Management to monitor potential storms.

When a storm is forecast to hit our area, Public Works begins preparations days before it's predicted to hit land. Major roads and evacuation routes are inspected. Debris sites are coordinated. Equipment and crews are pre-positioned in locations throughout the City to optimize post-storm clean-up.

The Public Works Emergency Operations Center (PWEOC) is activated immediately before storm landfall and operates throughout the storm and for as long as is deemed necessary for post-storm recovery. During the storm, PWEOC works with Emergency Management and the Public Communications Department to gather and disseminate information about closed roads and travel conditions. Following the storm, PWEOC surveys damage, works to make all roads passable and coordinates debris collection.