Traffic Engineering & Management

The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for the planning and design of a safe and efficient roadway network in Chesapeake.

The Traffic Engineering Division designs traffic signals and control devices, maintains a computerized traffic control system, studies traffic patterns and provides site impact analysis, regulates speed limits, investigates neighborhood traffic concerns, oversees work zone traffic control and reviews subdivision and construction plans.

The Traffic Engineering Division also operates the City's Traffic Management Center.

Street Lighting

Traffic Engineering is responsible for the design and installation of the City's street lighting system. Learn more about the system and how to report a broken street light.

Hauling & Moving Permits

Hauling and Moving permits are required for hauling and moving on City roadways.

Navigating a Roundabout

Roundabouts are a relatively new traffic pattern in Chesapeake. If you've never driven through a roundabout, take a few moments to learn the rules of the road.

Flashing Yellow Left-Turn Arrows

There's a new traffic signal in town! Learn more about the flashing yellow left-turn arrows that have been installed at Volvo Parkway / Executive Boulevard and Volvo Parkway / Progressive Drive.

Driver Safety

Visit our Driver Safety page to learn what you can do to be a safe driver every time you get behind the wheel.

Pedestrian Safety

Visit our Pedestrian Safety page to educate yourself and your children on how to stay safe while enjoying the outdoors on foot or bike.

Roadways with Through Truck Restrictions

The City maintains a list of roadways that are restricted to trucks over 1 1/2 tons (except when making pickups and deliveries). Roadways with through truck restrictions are referenced in City Code 74-191.

To find out which roads are restricted, view our interactive Roadways with Through Truck Restrictions map or view a list of restricted routes (PDF).

You can find out more about restrictions on City roadways by visiting our Hauling and Moving Permits page.