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Every inch of land in Chesapeake is connected to a critical body of water in our region, whether you live right on the water or miles away from the nearest river! What you do in your backyard affects the health and well being of these waterways. We have a great new program that helps you make easy changes to your yard and home that help establish positive changes in our environment.

Make the Pledge!

Pledge to become a Bay Star Home by committing to eight easy acts of greenness! You can choose from a wide variety of actions from testing your soil to reducing garbage disposal use to using a refillable water bottle. You'll choose two each from the following categories: Grow Green, Water Connections, Conserve Resources and Get Involved. You may already be doing some of these things, too. Find the full list on the Bay Star Homes page.

Bay Star HomesOnce you sign up, you'll get a beautiful yard flag with the Bay Star Homes logo to proudly display in your yard. You'll have an option to stay connected with our friends at, which we highly suggest! They always have great environmental tips and alerts to local environmental events going on throughout the region.

Become a Bay Star Home today! All residents in Chesapeake are eligible to participate. To register, visit the Bay Star Homes page.

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