Refuse Containers

Automated Trash Containers

Public Works provides one free 96-gallon automated refuse container to each residence serviced by automated collection trucks. Blue bins (former recycling bins) can also be used as trash bins. Current City Code allows for the collection of a maximum of two trash bins per household per week; however, in recognition of the additional waste following the end of curbside recycling, crews will collect a maximum of three bins per household per week as staff work to amend the ordinance.

Online Request - 1st Trash Container - New Residential. For use in requesting new trash containers for existing homes as well as newly constructed homes

3rd Trash Container

Residents who wish to purchase a third container may do so by contacting the Waste Management Office and by mailing an order form with payment to the Chesapeake Treasurer's Office. The cost of an additional container with tax included is $68.90.

3rd Trash Container - Purchase Additional (PDF) (fill-in and print). Order form for 2nd 96-gallon trash container

Repairing / Replacing Trash Containers

The City will replace damaged containers under most circumstances (the resident will be responsible for paying for the replacement of a container damaged by fire). To report a damaged container, call the Chesapeake Customer Contact Center at 757-382-CITY (2489).

Online Request - Damaged Trash Container. Use to report damaged trash cans provided by the City

Note: To replace a 2nd trash container free of charge, there must be proof of purchase on file with the City. Otherwise, the resident will be charged $68.90 for a replacement 2nd container.

Container Sizes for Senior Citizens / ADA Accommodations

The Waste Management Division also offers 64-gallon or 35-gallon refuse containers to people who have difficulty handling the standard 96-gallon containers. Senior citizens and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations are available. Call 757-382-2489 for information.

Manual Containers

Residents who live in neighborhoods with manual collection must provide their own garbage container which has to be 35 gallons or smaller and weigh no more than 60 pounds. This requirement is for the safety of our waste management workers who must manually lift the garbage containers into a rear loader garbage truck.

Garbage Containers City Code Specifications

City Code § 62-57. Containers and receptacles for garbage - Specifications.