Stormwater Lakes & Ponds

Stormwater lakes and ponds, commonly referred to as BMPs, will not perform as designed if they are not regularly maintained. If a facility's storage capacity is reduced, some downstream flooding will indicate a problem; however, if a facility is not removing sediment and nutrients as originally designed, there may not be any obvious indicators of the problem. A regular maintenance program is the best way to ensure that a lake or pond will consistently perform its water quality improvement functions.

It is important to note that while general maintenance tasks can be outlined, actual maintenance needs vary according to specific site conditions, particularly the following elements:

  • Landscaping: Certain types of vegetation may require more attention. Consider using native plants to reduce maintenance needs.
  • Upstream Conditions: Watershed conditions upstream of the facility will affect the amount of sediment and pollutants that must be managed.
  • Safety: Some tasks can be effectively handled by residents; however, a maintenance program should ensure the safety of anyone carrying out tasks, and often a professional should be hired to do the work.
  • Technical Expertise: BMPs are stormwater treatment facilities. While many maintenance needs like litter and debris removal are obvious, some problems may not be detectable to the untrained eye.
  • Financing: A fund should be established to provide for the costs of long-term maintenance needs.

For more information on maintaining BMPs, call 757-382-CITY.

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