Mailing of Tax Bills

The Treasurer's Office is required to mail tax bills to the address on record. When mail is returned, we make every effort to locate a new address for the taxpayer. It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to notify the City if you change addresses. Unfortunately, not receiving a tax bill does not alleviate the penalty and interest. Any tax bill not paid by the due date will be subject to statutory penalty and interest. Penalty and interest cannot be waived based solely on the non-receipt of a tax bill.

Temporarily Away

If you will be out of the area and plan to use a temporary address, please speak with the United States Postal Service about forwarding your mail and also be sure to let our office know. Email us your name, permanent address, temporary address, and dates you plan to be at the temporary address.

View Bills Online

If you register to use the e-Check program, your tax bills can be viewed online. To register for this service, visit the e-Check payment portal and follow the instructions under "Register." Once registration is complete, bills can be viewed and/or paid online.