Design & Construction Services

The Design/Construction Services (DCS) Section, located on the 3rd floor of the City Hall Building on Cedar Road, provides professional engineering design, and construction management and inspection services on all Public Works construction projects within the City. This section also coordinates with the Virginia Department of Transportation on state highway projects affecting the city. This division includes:

  • Design of roads, bridges, drainage and other public facilities. The DCS Section supplements the Public Works input into the preparation of the city's Capital Improvements Budget. These City Council-approved Capital Improvements projects are either designed by DCS engineers, or are designed by private consultants and administered by DCS engineers. Federal and state projects are also reviewed for conformance with City criteria.
  • Coordinates project implementation with the various parties involved (VA Department of Transportation [VDOT], Federal Highway Administration [FHWA], Army Corps of Engineers, franchise utilities, other agencies, etc.) and makes recommendations for engineering and project success.
  • Construction Administration and Inspection:
    • Contract administration and inspection of City projects;
    • Public Works regularly schedules street asphalt resurfacing throughout the City, under contract to private contractors. What streets will be rehabilitated, and when, is determined using a Pavement Maintenance System.
    • Regularly schedules mowing of shoulders and medians of Public right-of-ways throughout the City, under contract to private contractors.
  • Investigates and responds to inquiries and concerns for contractors, staff, City Council, the general public, and other organizational agencies.