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City of Chesapeake Profile

The City of Chesapeake was founded in 1963 by merger of Norfolk County (1636) and the City of South Norfolk (1921). Chesapeake is one of the cities comprising the Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News Metropolitan Area. This area lies in southeastern Virginia at the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay where the mouth of the Bay enters the Atlantic Ocean. Chesapeake is bordered on the west by Suffolk, east by Virginia Beach, south by the North Carolina border and north by the cities of Portsmouth and Norfolk.

With a land area of 353 square miles, Chesapeake is the tenth (10th) largest city in land area in the United States and second largest in Virginia. Its central location, availability of land, and good transportation system will continue to contribute to Chesapeake's attractiveness as a well-balanced commercial center. The City's close port proximity and strong employee pool continue to encourage a strong international business presence. Major industries include building materials, plastics, plywood, fertilizer, refrigerators, steel and railroad equipment. Major agricultural crops include corn, wheat, soybeans, nursery products and timber. The Chesapeake Planning Department estimates the City's population reached 244,657 (January 2019) distributed over 88,500 households. The civilian labor force in the city was 119,577 (2017).

The City is governed by a City Council / City Manager form of government with nine elected Council members serving four year terms. Chesapeake is an independent city with no overarching county government. This requires that the City provide many of the services to citizens which would normally be provided by a county. 


  • Median Age 36.7
  • Racial Composition: White 62.6%, Black
  • 29.9, all other 7.5%
  • Median Household $70,244 (2014 Est.)

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

TAXES (July 1, 2019)

  • Real Estate - $1.04/$100 of assessment -
  • $1.05/$100 with Mosquito Control
  • Personal Property - $4.00/$100 at 100% of
  • loan value - $4.08 with Mosquito Control State Non-Grocery Retail Sales - 5.0%
  • Restaurant - 5.5% of meal


  • $3,977,784
    Source: U.S. Census Bureau
  • 2 Regional Malls


  • Chesapeake Municipal Airport and Hampton Roads Airport are located in Chesapeake
  • Norfolk International Airport is located 12 miles from central Chesapeake and offers more than 200 daily flights
  • Bus - Greyhound & Hampton Roads Transit Authority


The following serve the metro area:

  • Virginia Opera Association
  • Virginia Symphony
  • Chrysler Museum
  • The New Theatre of Chesapeake
  • Virginia Marine Science Museum
  • Virginia Sports Hall of Fame
  • MacArthur Memorial
  • Children's Museum
  • The Chesapeake Planetarium
  • Virginia Stage Company


  • Average summer high 76.5 degrees
  • Average winter low 41.3 degrees
  • Average annual rainfall 45 inches
  • Average annual snowfall Trace


  • Chesapeake Public Schools
    • 28 elementary schools
    • 10 middle schools
    • 7 senior high schools
    • 2 centers for special programs
    • 9 support buildings
    • Students: 38,685 Teachers: 2,975 COLLEGES
  • Tidewater Community College
  • These institutions are located in the Metro area:
    • Old Dominion University
    • Norfolk State University
    • Regent University
    • Eastern Virginia Medical School
    • Virginia Wesleyan College


  • Chesapeake Regional Medical Center (310 beds) 9 other general hospitals serve the area


  • 1 central library +6 branches and a bookmobile Over 576,000 volumes


  • Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (54,133 acres)
  • Northwest River Park (763 acres) with boating, hiking, riding, mini golf, fishing and campground 64 public tennis courts
  • Organized sports: basketball, softball, football, soccer
  • Canoeing on 30 miles of water trails
  • Dismal Swamp Trail
  • Boating on Intracoastal Waterways
  • 8 Community recreation centers
  • Greenbrier Civic Sports Complex
  • 2 ceramic art centers
  • Skate facility and a BMX bike trail
  • 2 Dog parks
  • Major Parks: Great Bridge Lock Park, Deep Creek Lock Park, Centerville Park, Lakeside Park, Crestwood Park, Western Branch Park, Indian River Park, City Park